Case Study – Helping SAE understand Marketing Attribution



SAE Institute is the world’s leading educator in creative media industries. Established in 1976, SAE consists of a global network of campuses in 23 countries around the world.

In Australia, SAE provides courses to more than 2,700 students across 6 campuses in Brisbane, Byron Bay, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth.

SAE offers government accredited courses including certificates, diplomas, bachelor degrees, and postgraduate programs.


For SAE Australia, it was a challenge to understand customer journeys from first interaction with their brand until the actual enrolment of a student. Marketing investment decisions were made mostly on quantitative outcomes, focused on the number of leads. In an ideal world, however, you should consider both: quantitative and qualitative outcomes, such as the number of leads, opportunities, and student enrolments.

The decision-making process of selecting the right school is a complex one. That means that the customer journey can be long with multiple touch points, and therefore hard to track.


At first, customer journeys were analysed and optimised based on form submissions

By combining data from the email marketing platform, the CRM system and the existing customer journeys, it became possible to take action on business outcomes rather than just form fills.

attribution model diagram

With a better understanding of the customer journey, SAE has been able to optimise their lead generation strategy to drive more high-quality leads that convert into enrolments. Instead of sitting on a high volume of potential leads, which might never convert.

When potential students come to SAE’s website or landing pages, the Institute’s marketing team is able to see what channel they came from (organic, paid, social, etc) and what pages they viewed.

Bottom line: SAE can now see the value that each marketing touchpoint is having on their overall business revenue and growth. As a result, they have grown lead volume by over 25% year on year while reducing cost per enrolment by 22%.

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